Duplication and replication are simply two different methods of reproducing CDs or DVDs.

Duplication (burning): CD/DVD duplication use manufactured CD-R or DVD-R's and is carried out on stand-alone tower duplicators. The master is loaded onto the hard drive of the tower and from this master, copies are burnt via laser, tested and verified as a true copy of the master.

Replication (pressing): The blank disc is created by injection molding. A glass master is made from a duplicated CD/DVD master disc. A metal stamper is produced from the glass master and the data/audio is stamped onto the blank disc. The mastering stage is critical to audio/video quality. It is best that the glass mastering stage is outsourced to a specialist mastering facility. Replication is used mainly for mass production as set-up costs and wastage are huge, therefore small quantities are not cost effective.

Digital is digital: Whether written in light and dark by a laser (duplication) or highs and lows by pressing (replication) the 0's and 1's (binary code) remain the same. The only variables with duplication are the burn speed, the quality of blank media and the superiority of the drives.

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There are many different methods of printing onto the surface of CDs and DVDs of which we offer the following:

OUR SPECIALITY is photo-realistic digital printing with a high gloss finish which is suitable for all runs. We print directly onto CD/DVD via automated digital printers that provide the highest resolution. Discs are then coated with a clear UV silkscreen varnish to enhance and protect the image and ensure a waterproof, smudge-free finish.

Both offset and digital printing give a photographic-like finish to the disc; smooth and even; but true photo-realistic printing is digitally obtained.

Silkscreen printing is ideal for large and medium runs. Ink is applied to a screen and forced through the silk mesh via a stencil to create the image onto the surface of a CD/DVD. Silkscreen printing is great for solid ink coverage, spot colours and 1 colour prints.


Duplication with digital printing or duplication with one or two colour silkscreen printing is a 3 to 5 day turnaround.

Duplication and full colour silkscreen printing is a 5 to 7 day turnaround.

Replication with off-set or silkscreen printing is a 7 to 10 day turnaround.


We provide standard packaging: PVC sleeve, standard and slim-line jewel case with inserts, DVD case with inserts, maxi-single case with insert, clam shells, D-shells etc.;

We also provide customized packaging such as printed cardboard sleeves or folders, CD and DVD digipaks.

Packaging is digitally printed on short runs and litho for larger runs, with customized finishes such as gloss or matt laminate or UV coating, Spot UVs or foiling, embossing, on standard or recycled stock.

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